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Liaohe Group (full name: Liaohe special glass Co., Ltd.) was registered and established in 1991. The group mainly integrates the R & D, production and sales of special glass and high-tech materials, creates a complete production and marketing chain, and provides customers with comprehensive and high-quality products and services. The subordinate enterprises of the group include Shenyang Liaohe special glass factory, Shenyang Liaohe Tieshan transportation equipment Co., Ltd. and shiyoude (Shenyang) high tech materials Co., Ltd.

Founded in

Committed to the development of new glass technology

Since its establishment, it has been taking locomotive glass as the main product, including Metro urban rail, railway passenger cars, high-speed locomotives, etc., involving windshield, side window, door glass, glass luggage rack, etc

Perfect quality system and after-sales system Customer support is the driving force
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